Monday, 29 May 2006


25 May - Had another early wakeup - 8am starts are a hard thing to get used to after so much time sleeping in. Picked up one trip from my least favourite pickup in the city, Deptment of Justice, where there are always people being walked around in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs. Then went on to the next pickup only to have to wait for half an hour before being given a no-good (with no wait time charged either - which was very irritating). Back to the hospital for more flexibility training - apparently have a few more degrees which can only be a good thing and was also given a new wrist brace, basically because the old one was completely destroyed from overuse. Shadow gave me a very shiny D&D shirt, which was kind of nice, kind of gay, but not a fair trade for my crappy novex one, - however, it may be good currency for swapping in Sydney industry or even the worlds. And if nobody wants to take it i'll have something to wear for Mardi Gras next year. Had a very quiet day overall but still better than most of the newbies - lots of extended breaks which means drinking far too much coffee throughout the day - felt a little bit agitated because of it. Last trip of the day involved heading into gastown - I took a turn onto a footpath, a commuter was coming the other way, I motioned left and hugged the corner to avoid him but he ignored me, slowed down a bit but rolled straight into me - technically it may have been his right of way but when you're on a bike its more important to be aware and considerate of your surroundings than blindly follow your legal right of way - as I rode off he shouted out a thanks for the apology that I didn't give him - 'No need to thank me mate, I didn't give you one!'
Also saw one of the ex-Novex guys, Thomas, who'd come in downtown to buy a new bicycle from Simons, he's now workingfor Red Robins and is enjoying a far better financal return but he's not having as much fun as us, so there.

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