Wednesday, 24 May 2006

The Real IHOP Run

21 May - Slept in, not because I was hung over, just because that's what I seem to do these days - not long before half six alarm bells again so I should enjoy it while it lasts - some vague attempts to get someone to do the run with me failed so I got onmy bike and rode the 18.5k out to Richmond to finally try the Canadian IHOP - a bit of a wait which is always a good thing and some not bad pancakes were had. They didn’t do the heated syrup like they do in the states nor did the waitress call me 'hon' (i love it when they do that!) but there were also less hyperobese Americans squeezing into the booths (only a couple of moderately overweight Canadians - they're pretty fit down here in Vancouver) so a successful run nonetheless. Came back to Vancouver via Krystl's place and we made the dubious choice of going to see the Da Vinci code in East Van - a pretty average movie but the original material was pretty average to begin with and with a pretty average director at the helm there was pretty much nothing unexpected. In all honesty, to me, it was probably more entertaining than the book which introduced millions of people to the magic of reading (... absolute trash). Was pretty much soaked with sweat from the earlier ride and two and a half hours of sitting in a movie theatre didn’t help so trotted off home to shower before heading back to the south side where I enjoyed a few beer with Kristl and her housemate Julie - very enjoyable evening as it always is with the right company although the rains, who have been absent for the past month because they realised that I wasn't working decided to return to cherish me with their dampness and I was absolutely saturated. ALso, on the way back from Kristl's I tried to find some type of sustenance but, despite beinga saturday night, there was nothing open except for the most horrific of pizza places - I did know there was a wendy's at broadway and cambie that i'd be passing, the restaurant (restaurant? yeah right, more like feed bin) was closed but the drive through was open. I rode down to the microphone and after waiting for three cars to pass through I was told that they wouldn't serve me because it is their policy not to serve bikes at the drive thru. I suppose it wasn’t the server's fault but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to subject her to a short torrent of verbal abuse before I sped off into the night.

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