Monday, 29 May 2006

Proposition 23 - Brakes Just Add Weight

28 May - Came to the horrible conclusion that i've lost my space pen again - I got a week's use out of it on the road but didn't get to test its capacity for really bad weather, which is kind of devestating. A replacement can be bought at The Pen Shop in Vancouver but it won't be a Smithsonian space pen (if anybody who happens to read this missive ever finds themselves in Washington DC they could do me a solid by buying me a replacement - better make it a couple because i'll likely lose the replacement within a week as well). Saw the Proposition in Tinseltown with Casey, one of the new Novex guys - always nice to see an Australian film that doesn’t suck. Despite the flies that filled every scene just seeing the desert land in the bright, bright sunlight made me feel a little homesick - it's all grey again and even when it is light everything is so GREEN (i love a sunburnt country ... I can't remember the next line). Drank some Starbucks afterwards and went to fetch my bike and rode to Casey's again where I swapped it for his fixie and we rode down to Moderne Burger, one of the finest burger establishments in the lower mainland. The ride was excellent - it is so much more fun ridng a bike with no brakes - my next bike is definitely going to be a fixie. Jason and Colleen eventually showed up and we ate copious amounts of saturated fats before wobbling back to whence we came.

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