Thursday, 18 May 2006

Circle Of Life

15 May - Took a while to get going but picked up my x-rays (the ones that show the pin) and went to my physio appointment. Don't really like my physiotherapist too much but am makingsome steady gains on my mobility, she seems to think that I shouldn't go back to work this week is which is disappointing. Looked at a couple of downtown tattoo parlours to see if I could be inspired before enjoying the sun out the front of the art gallery. Went for one beer with Crystal and her housemate Julie which soon turned into 'a few beer' when Darryl from Corporate joined us and a few randoms from throughout Canadia. Well, it was Monday Madness at the Cambie.
Upon returning home I watched the final episode of Six Feet Under, which should free me from the couch for a while. Very emotional end to one of the few shows that has managed to stay good all the way to the end - it may not have been the best series of the show and the end may not have been the best episode of the show but the perfect tieing up of all that mattered while still keeping unimportant things loose made it a completely satisfying end to it all. And there's nothing better than a beautiful death montage set to a cool soundtrack. I think that the secret to a show being great is limiting the episodes - all shows get tired when they stretch on too long - five seasons might have even pushed the boundaries for this show but it's pretty short as series go these days ... and ... my opinion of why television shows should not go on for too long will be left to another posting.
Did see the circle of life in action today when I saw one of the pretty little chirping sparrows who live in the pine tree in the backyard scratchingaround in th dust for food for his little babies ... it was a very charming scene until one of the alley cats who lives in our 'garage' rushed in and ripped him to pieces. Overlapping ecologies are never pretty.

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