Friday, 5 May 2006

Mayday! Mayday! The immigrants are boycotting!

1 May - Today is the day that we're going to see how much the USA depends on migrant labour. - luckily i'm passing through such insular lands such as Wisconsin, Minneapolis and South Dakota (if I make it there by nightfall) so i'll only have to endure the incessant radio coverage of the event. Whilst I do agree that there is definitely a problem with having so many people in the country illegally everyone from the illegal workers to the politicians to the right wing 'just get them out of my goddamn country' can't seem to vocalise a proper way to work the situation out. I picked up, Santos, a naturalised Mexican immigrant near the edge of Minnesota -his rear tyre had blown out near the rest stop, and I asked him his opinion - he reallydidnt seem to car one way or the other, 'eets just politics' - enough said. One thing you can say about the great plains is that they go on forever - lots of cornfields and not much else. Rain made the driving a little hard going at times but it did mean that ear the end of the day as the sun began to set the light shone through the clouds and it felt like I was driving into the hands of God (i've not had any spiritual conversion from my time in the evangelical states - I recall from somewhere that the phenomenon of light shining through clouds is called fingers of god - it reallyis very pretty). Crashed at a rest stop in south dakota - now that i'm back up north the night time temperature drops pretty low but luckily I wasn’t up too high so it wasn’t too bad.

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