Thursday, 18 May 2006


16 May - Woke up reasonably early (for me) and headed downtown on the bike to pick up Season 1 of Battlestar Gallactica, a show I watched a part of the pilot of many moons ago but never actually got around to watchingafterwards. Explained to all that I met that i 'm still not working yet - i've really got to stop hanging around 885 when i'm downtown (at least not when i'm dressed like a courier). Apparently Novex has hired another biker ... Everyone i've spoken to from Novex is complaining how quiet it is whenever I speak to them and yet the company is still hiring. I really wonder what goes on back at 3331 Viking Way, i'm no industry expert but unless they know they've got a lot of big contracts coming in (which they don't) half the staff they've hired is going to quit because of the lack of work ... I don't know, I just don't know.
In the afternoon I got the skytrain-seabus-realbus out to Grouse Mountain where I tried my feet at the newly reopened 'Grouse Grind' - a mostly vertical hike to the top of the Mt Grouse. It's not a very long hike but it's incredibly steep and a little bit treacherous - especially near the top where the snowmelt turns the last quarter into a small river. Got up in 49 minutes which I think is a good time but will need to go to google to find out - wandered around the top for a while including traipsing through the very muddy road to the actual peak where I got a nice view of what I presume was either Vancouver or North Van or West Van or whatever - I don't really know this city very well once I get out of the core or the side. Had a look at the 'bear habitat' - obviously some sort of animatronic theme park where the mythical bear is displayed (didnt even have the animatronic ones on display here) then walked back down the mountain. A lot faster going down but not much easier - once I got to the bottom I sat down and my legs wouldn't stop shaking for about 5 minutes. Took the long trek back to Van - did a few errands downtown, then went back and watched Battlestar Gallactica until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Bliss.
Did grouse grind
Picked up battlestar galactica
Great walk up
Legs like jelly on the way down
Met kevin who was off to an aa meeting

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