Monday, 22 May 2006

Smoove B

19 May - As we are now on the cusp of summer and I’m also on the cusp of going back to work i made myself an appointment to get some hair torn violently away from my body. Melody, the girl from the salon was very nice but she seemed terrified of hurting me so it took forever (apparently her boss was getting angry with her for takingso long). I ended up feeling kind of guilty because of that but then I realised that I was just a customer and 's not my fault if somebody wants to be gentle with me. She needn't have bothered because i've got a pretty high tolerance for that kind of pain and in any event it's always going to hurt some so the quicker the whole thing is over and done with the better. Still, she was very thorough and seemed to have done a good job. A fair whack of the couriers seem to depilate to some level or another, most by veet or shaving but i'd suspect that there are a couple of closet waxers - now that it's summer the tights are off and there are bare legs and well turned ankles wherever you go - interesting thing is that more of the gus have smooth legs than the girls - I won't name names but the hairiest legs i've seen in my life have been on female Vancouver couriers.
A pretty big congregation at cambie was organised by one of the new Novex couriers, Rad (i, like most others, initially presumed his name was brad but it turns out that it's just Rad - and yes, he's called that because he's just a pretty sweeettt guy) - finally met Mary, Mary, aka The Glamourpuss, one of the indie couriers who works out of 777 Dunsmuir, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she was not the surley chimp hater that I originally suspected. One thing about the Vancouver couriers, I don't like all of them but I do love all of them and i'm really not lookingforward to leaving them behind when I finally do make the journey back home. Afterwards had birthday drinks for the ex-housemate Chad and a bunch of his professor type friends, all very friendly although he passed out not too long after I arrived. More battlestar galactica upon my return home, almost finished the series now - which is good because i'll be heading back to work before I know it.

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