Friday, 12 May 2006

The Road To Recovery

10 May - Rode into downtown again, this time for my first session of physio at St Pauls, one of my least favourite places in Vancouver. A little heavy on the bureaucracy but a very good therapist - lots of prodding and poking and measurements and tests (can you tell the difference between hot and cold, is this dull or sharp) - apparently my range of motion and my pain threshold is a not nearly as bad as it can be for some people who've just come out of a cast - so here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Also, after the session we went down to the artificial brace device thingy room and the guy repaired my wrist brace on the spot (the iron supporting bars had been completely warped from overuse and the pockets needed resewing). Down to the art gallery afterwards where I reunited with a few more members of the subculture - met a couple of the new Novex guys (up to 11 bikers with me now) and was informed that Nova Scotia Stu, Novex's longest serving and possibly strangest biker, hit a car yesterday and was ambulanced to the hospital. Not sure of the full extent of the damage but the signs are that he'll be out for a short while. Hearing about other serious injuries always gives me a little chill - but, you can kill yourself crossingthe road or falling over in the bathroom - just got to be careful I guess.
Had dinner at Stephos on Davey with Marcus and Larnie, pretty decent greek restaurant that always has a queue goingaround the corner whenever i've passed it - about 30m wait for us, 90m wait by the time we left. Very nice - too much bread to start with though. M&L are reachingthe end of their visas and will be off somewhere else pretty soon - apparently sponsorship plans proved too complicated and cumbersome to bother with and overstaying the visa is not a preferable option (Ozzie Andy was pulled over by a traffic cop the other day for not wearinghis helmet (i think) and he was caught out for working on a holiday visa (that had already expired anyway)). Got a couple of DVDs - 5th season of 6 Feet Under, the only tv show i've been pining for on the holiday, watched that, went out to see some Jazz but couldn't find it so watched the awful local standup comedy instead and then came home and watched the pilot of 'Dead Like Me', one of the most mundane and pointless quirky fantasy comedramas i've seen in quite some time (although it was filmed in Vancouver so picking out places I know provided a few brief moments of entertainment).

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