Tuesday, 16 May 2006

House of Burlesque

13 May - Met with Jason and his stepbrother, Pete, to go for a little bit of a ride today. Jason was christening his new Marinoni touring bike, which was very nice, he almost got car doored five minutes in which would not have been very nice but the wisdom I imparted to him during his training has obviously had a good effect and all collisions were avoided. A beautiful sunny but still cool day were perfect riding conditions although did find ourselves in a headwind at several points which can get really tiresome on a longride. We didn’t ride terribly hard because Pete's havingissues with his knee and my wrist is still a little tender but it didn't cause any problems on the day. I was more worried about sore legs, neck and back because of my lack of ridingof late but even that was fine - all in all, about 80k from start to finish and the only physical reaction was an adrenaline buzz.
More six feet under was to be had before meeting up with Crystal in downtown and on to the Marine Club for a burlesque show with one of my extremely positive housemates, Mat. This was the same place where i'd gone the week before to see a rockabilly band that never showed up (which isn’t necessarilya bad thing because i'm not rockabilly's biggest fan) but the show did go on this time. My first burlesque show - apparently it's a growing entertainment biz over in North America (hell, for all I know it's big in oz at the moment) - the best way I could describe it would be halfway between a strip show and a drag show - all the girls were 'SuicideGirl' types they stripped down to the propellors to cheesy 20s inspired muzak - lots of fun but I drank way too much. After that bar closed endingup crawling around town with a couple of others chasingthe closing times of a few other places, played some cards in a seedy main street bar and somehow ended up in a house populattd with stoners all passed out on the couch. A cab was found and I was homeward bound, eagerly awaiting the next day's hangover.

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