Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Last Chance To See

22 May - Had discussed going to one of the local beaches with another courier today but the Vancouver weather kind of made it a moot point so started off the day with a few of the earliest episodes of Seinfeld, includinga couple that had managed to miss my radar (and were f**king hilarious to boot) before headingdowntown to get my bike serviced at Simons (who seems to getting nicer and nicer towards me over the past few months - I still think he's an arsehole but at least he's a nice arsehole). Caught up with Jason and Colleen for coffee at Starbucks while the work was being done - all the while hoping that the rain would stop (it didn't) before moseying back home to do a few other local errands. Watched the english version of 'Water' which was quite good although in hindsight I should have hired the original one in Hindi because that way I could have read the subtitles (the sound on our TV is pretty awful and the trucks and harley davidson's decided to roar past at all of the crucial moments). Interesting idea to film two language versions of the same film at the same time - pretty pointless if you ask me, but interestingidea nonetheless.

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