Monday, 29 May 2006

Us Folks Like Folk Music

27 may - on the way down to Fets for saturday pancakes with Jason and Colleen I found that one of the local alley cats has got a couple of kittens followingher around - possibly strays but they seemed pretty well fed - so cute, I don't know if there's anything as adorable as a kitten - well, maybe a piglet, but put me in a good mood for a while anyway. Waitress was disappointed that jason didn’t order four pancakes but there's no pleasing some people. Wandered up and down Commercial for a short while and did some reading and looking (at DVDs). Shadow had invited me to a folk music concert that he originally supposed was in Burnaby at eight. It turned out to be in downtown at six (which was a hell of a lot better location and time for me). The concert was a benefit for kids with Cystic Fibrosis which did kind of make me feel guilty for being granted free entry - the performances were all pretty good (for folk music anyway - which I don't really like at the best of times although I often seem to find myself at places where they play it) and a couple were very good - especially the one where the chorus was:
Singer: Nickelback!
Crowd: Sucks!
Repeated ad nauseum to a nice guitar riff.
Well, the song wasn’t any good but the sentiment sure was. It was kind of strange when the sound guy played them during the intermission though. Drank a bit, danced a bit, got stood up a bit as well - saw some street jammers and chatted with a few homeless kids who Shadow's wife, Ange, works with before headingback to Commercial to try to get a kangaroo burger for Shadow from the dodgy Frenchman Stormin' Norman - unfortunattly he was closed and even Shadow berating him in Francois didn't help - this didn’t reallybother me because I do have an extended boycott on this burger joint because of Pierre's horrible habit of feeling my burger up whenever I go to the salad bar. Subbed with pizza instead and headed back to the house where Shadow regaled me with his absolutely fascinating story of how he escaped from prison many years ago (which i've never heard) and then was bored senseless by his repetitive anti-religion and anti-government speeches (all of which i've heard many, many times before).

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