Monday, 22 May 2006

Oh, The Mundanity!

18 May - Had a relatively uneventful day that was broken up in the afternoon by more physio. They're very much into measuring success by the numbers - measured the number of degrees I can bend my left wrist forward and backward then measured my right and the target is to get my right hand about halfway between its current level and what my left can do. In any event, I was told work will have to wait until Tuesday which should give Novex a few more days to find my blackberry and radio which I can almost guarantee won't be ready by the tie I start.
Found myself at the Cambie again to meet Danni, a window dresser cum dancerwith a fairly impressive collection of tattoos and was soon joined by a plethora of others including an icelandic games designer who used to work for Electronic Arts (i gave him a big what for about the quality of said arts of an electronic nature and he sadly agreed). Was also joined by my ex co worker Rick (of the tearing of the $2million cheque fame) and we were all amused by his antics (he starts to lose coherency after his third pitcher). Stayed out far longer than I intended and this resulted in the purchasing of McDonalds afterwards (which made me feel even worse) but I returned home to find that Ashu had rented Season 1 of six feet under and we watched the first episode together - one of the few shows that i've watched from start to end - great to see where it all began again (i was a bit rusty), especially seeing how screwed up everyone is from the very beginning but also great to see the start of the David-Keith thing - truly one of the great TV love stories - one of the's a closeted control freak and the other's a macho cop challenging anyone who thinks he shouldn't be out and proud - despite beingoff and on for the next five years they truly were the loves of each other's lives and I think that's beautiful.
More physio
Was told not to go back to work until tuesday
Met up with danni for a few beers - turned into a lot of beers
Was joined by rick, $2m guy - most of the time he's not very coherent but always entertaining
was told about smitties
Drank too much, had hangover
Watched episode 1 of six feet under - great intro, cool to see early stages of relationships - especially david and keith, just a casual relationship between two guys, one closested, one fiercely proud - so different but the absolute love of his life

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