Wednesday, 31 May 2006


30 May - SUn was shining and the sky was a bloo which automatically puts me in a good mood - did about ten trips before 9am which was when I had to have another physio appointment which is spectacular these days, never overwhelming at any point during the day but apart from a few random stages I was movingp pretty much constantly. Dropped a letter in an elevator at one stop - got it out of my bag, held it in my hand with my folder, left the elevator and went to give it to the customer onlyto find is wasn't there. Ran back to the elevator and tried to summon the lift - the one that arrived was to the right of the one i'd dropped it in - but, as I was waiting a friendly delivery guy, who'd found the letter in the lift had taken it upon himself to deliver it - all's well that ends well. THere were also a few scatterbrained moments where I did some mightily bad routing but this was overcome by my lightning speed and a couple of times, notably before lunch and at the end of the day I found myself totally overloaded but my Chrome Bag managed to live up to the challenge. Did have a bit of a run in with a pedestrian after work -
'Watch where you're going!',
'Are you talking to me?'
'I'll knock you out!'
... Or something if the kind, if i'd been on the bike it would have been one thingbut I was on foot this time.
Watched a movie, added some trivia factoids to IMDB, did some 'research' on the internet and made some phone calls - also cleaned up the f**king kitchen which was driiving me nuts, think that one of the main offenders is moving out at the end of the month so there should be a little less stress in that area, I wonder if the landlord will be able to convince a girl to live here ... It would help.

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