Wednesday, 24 May 2006

313 Returns

23 May - I turned to my housemate Mat to assist with getting me out of bed before 7 (well, maybe just a little after) and got decked out in Novex blue before making my way downtown. Had a little coffee before goingto St Pauls for a physio sesh and paraffin wax heat treatment before the final okay for my return to 'light duties' (i'm not sure there's really a way to do light duties in my current job but that's what I should be doingregardless). My blackberry and substandard radio were ready when I rocked up at 885 to do my first trip in 2 months - certainly not a busy day compared to what I was doingwhen I took leave - scott, my new dispatcher is not nearly as chatty as Lee and Chris had been but he did at least keep me occupied through the day but the sheer number of other couriers we now have means the work is being shared around quite thinly which meant very few SHTs and a couple of rather unprofitable trips to the side. Found that a couple of offices moved to different floors or buildings but its generally the same people there and a few of them seemed genuinely pleased to see me again especially when I told them that now that I was back things were going to get done right again. There was a little bit of rain throughout the day but it was warm so was reasonably comfortable throughout - do need to build my confidence with traffic weaving and pobably need a little more exercise before i've got my old endurance back - the end of the week should give a better picture of what things ar going to be like. Little bit of a beer in the park while the sun was still shining and went home to watch Squid and the Whale (really good) and a couple of Seinfeld episodes - back at work, hurray.

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