Thursday, 25 May 2006

Return To Form?

24 May - Earliest wakeup i've had in a long time but I had to get downtown by eight in order not to get scooped by the new tigers who've found themselves at Novex. A little bit miserable with scattered showers but not cold enough to make it uncomfortable. It's still pretty quiet but I was movingfor most of the day and had a pleasant trip out to the side (narrowly avoided havingto pick up a box from my most hated run - Eminence Organics on Cook St to Nefertiti on Hornby (nobody is ever home there and it's always a big package that has to be carried around for the rest of the day). Scott the dispatcher annoyed me a couple of times with some miscommunications over the radio and also when he tried to tell me the route I should take when I had a cluster of jobs - maybe his route would have been better in a car but when it comes to bikes the routing should be left to bikers. The water bottle I thought I d lost the previous day was brought in by Rad, which was a jolly good score as i'd only had it for a day and when we all got together at the end of the day to commiserate on the lack of work it turns out that my trips had outnumbered everyone else even if they were less than what I was doing before the surgery so maybe things will work out alright. Got drenched on the way home when one of the scattered showers decided to focus its power on me but it cleared up a bit and I rode down to Kristl's - one of the smoovest rides i've ever done - about five or six kilometres through off and on traffic and I didn't stop once - every time there was a light it was either green or couldabingreen (the red colour that means cars have to stop but bikes are allowed to go through), every time there was a stop sign there were no cars, if there was a car I went around it - just smoove b. Had a nice chocolate milkshake and rode home. Didn't do much else. Blah.

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