Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Pleasant and eager 28yo male

12 May - Apparently that's what I am according to my physiotherapy permanent file. Despite risking all on a losing game of basketball the previous day my wrist seems to have gained a few extra degrees of movement on either side - still twinges a bit but certainly on the road to recovery and biking doesn't seem to cause any extreme aggravation. Physiotherapy is never as much funas I hope its going to be - I always imagine going in and just getting a massage for the session but it always ends up involving me doing all the work (lift this, bend that - do it 10 more times) - they should be paying me for doing this (well, I suppose they are in a way). Went to the Levi Store gunning myself for a showdown with management - one of the screws in my belt that I purchased a few months ago had fallen out (well, I lost it somewhere in New Mexico - probably taken by the aliens) but was disappointed when they exchanged it with no questions asked. After my errands downtown I found myself over outside the art gallery with all the other couriers again (it's very easy to get distracted when downtown) and headed out for a meal at Nagez and a beer somewhere else with Crystal, who has rejoined the courier world with Progressive (a company that's got as bad a reputation as Novex) then went home and watched more six feet under and more futurama - it grows on you.

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