Monday, 8 May 2006

The Weblog of Saxifrage Fogg

Well, it may not have been around the world in 80 days and I may have missed my target date of 30 days but circumnavigating most of the country in 3* dys was a bit of a feat. I didn’t break any speed records and I didn’t discover any new lands but a great adventure was had nonetheless. This country beat a pair of trainers, an aged pair of hiking boots and one rental car but it didn’t beat me. One thing i've learned from this trip is that i'll never have the same opinion of this country and its people ever again. The generalisations i've always had are that the population is insular and uncaring about the outside world but its simply not true. That description may apply to some of them (including a fair few i've met on this trip) but it also applies to a great deal of the English, canadians and Australians i've met - but a helluva lot of the natives i've met over here are intelligent, educattd, aware of the outside world and as unhappy with the direction their country is going as I am. A total of 14,380 kilometres was driven and I will be quite happy not to sit behind the wheel of an automobile for a long long time to come.

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