Friday, 5 May 2006

Lost in Joisey ...

28 April - Would have loved to spend more time in New York but my schedule prevented it so after an awful breakfast I somehow managed to find my way to Newark and paid the exhorbitant parking fee before trying to fnd my way to thInterstate 80. Followed all of the myriad directions I was given but ended up on the parkway southbound instead of north and by the time I realised I'd lost a few hours before eventuallygetting on the right track. Whilst on the way I found myself in a couple of traffic jams and while consulting my map in one of the numerous stop times my foot slipped and I ended up tapping the car ahead of me. No real damage at all (a slight dent to my front licence plate) but as me and the woman were examing the damage a state traffic cop pulled up beside us and told us to pull over. What could have been a very bad situation was resolved when the woman explained that she was in too much of a rush to do anythingso we were sent on our way. From New Jersey I followed the road through to Pennsylvania and was very disappointed when I found myself passing Punxsatawney around half 8. Would have liked to havedropped in to see Phil but he's probably sleeping after seeing his shadow a couple of months ago (in stark contrast to his Canadian counterpart, Wiarton Willie who claimed that there was to be no extension of the winter season). Most of the day's entertainment came from the national public radio with Science friday. What could have an absolutely fascinating story on a Nobel Laureate's new methonal fuel cell that could solve the world's energy crisis as well as help with global warming by sucking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere turned out to be an incredibly dull rambling as the scientist talked about the history of energy despite the host's best efforts to keep him on message. Ended up crashing at a rest stop somewhere near the edge of ohio - unfortunattely now that I’m back north again in car temperatures have fallen again. I don’t know what 37 degrees fahrenheit is, I don’t want to know what 37 degrees fahrenheit is.

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