Friday, 12 May 2006

Free At Last

8 May - Wandered downtown in order to give Canadian Customs a good what for about charging me a tax on the PDA but was run around and spit out by the bureaucratic machine - have to try again tomorrow but I don’t like my chances. Also caught up with a few of the couriers downtown all of whom seemed at least moderately pleased to see me back. Did have to give Jason a bit of a talking to because he's not wearing his helmet again (he stopped wearing it last time I took some time off ... Kids these days, you've got to keep an eye on them or they'll run wild) - Novex has seemed to put itself on a bit of hiring binge again and there's simply not enough work to go around - i'm hoping there are not going to be any issues for when I return. There's a new dispatcher (Lee got fired in my absence) and i'm going to have to prove myself again if i'm going to get the exalted position that Jason has no doubt secured.
After my reunions I headed over the Cambie Bridge to False Creek Surgical and was then sent to X-Ray 505 where the bitch at the reception tried to make me pay upfront for the x-rays I needed but managed to get that sorted out. Got blasted by radiation a few times (no super powers yet) and then headed back to see Dr D who pronounced me healed then proceded to hack my friend Charlie to pieces. The smell wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be but my hand looked pale and there was masses of skin that started to slough off, especiallyafter I washed my hand and as it dried off it was like snow. But, finally, i'm free to shower properly, walk in the rain, ride my bike (i still need a bit of physio as it's really stiff and a little bit numb and painful as well) and switchback. Also, as I carry on through the road of recovery I should be able start to shake hands again - I won't be as cool as i've been for the past few months with my clenched fist knuckle tap but i'll start to become a polite member of society again.

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