Wednesday, 17 May 2006

The IHOP Run?

14 May - Greeted by a pretty shocking hangover in the morning which was followed up by a way too cheery invitation to breakfast at the infamous Bons off Broadway (or on Broadway, I can never remember which one), which I had to refuse as the 15 minute walk was beyond my ability at the time. After a little extra restitution got on the bike with the intention of seeking out one of the BC IHOP restaurants but bumped into a fellow courier who was out looking for Chinese goldfish who informed me of the presence of De Dutch pancake house not a few kilometres away. Very disappointing pancakes, not really pancakes at all but more of a crepe consistency but i'll know better next time. Came back to Disc 4 of 6 feet under where I was entertained with a couple of plot bombshells - Mat watched a few episodes with me and I found myself trying to explain what was going on in the show which was little more than a running commentary on the labyrinthine sexual adventures of pretty much every character on the show (maybe that's the main reason why I like it). Watched more futurama and then went and got some pizza then watched more futurama (only a few more discs to go so I should be free sometime soon although mat has promised that he'll bringthe boxed set of clone high back to the house duringthe week - will I ever be free of the cursed cathode ray tube???).

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