Monday, 8 May 2006

All Good Things

Cinqo de Mayo - Tried to sleep in in order to stave off slight hangover but was awake and out of bed and eatingfairly impressive provided breakfast at hostel. Made some tentative plans with A fairly camp but pretty Japanese San Franciscan who I met at breakfast to go see some glass blowing in downtown. They kind of fell through which is not terrible because it may have been a rather excruciatingly dull thing to go and see (or hell, it could have been the most exciting thing on te trip but i'll never know now). Wandered the town for a while before headingto the Seattle Centre where I looked up at the Space Needle (i am so tired of visiting the 'tallest building in the city' buildings in random parts of the world) and was thinking about visiting the Music Experience museum but was distracted by its sister - the Science Fiction Museum - a fairly well rounded dedicaton to the greatest literary genre ever conceived by modern man. The museum was actully only okay though - far too much devotion to movies and not the great ones at that (Star Trek, star Wars and Matrix get top representation - which is to be expected as these appeal to the lowest common denominator) - there are homages and smaller dedications to a few of the reallygreat science fiction movies and authors but shocking absences of any detail on Robert Heinlein's contributions and not a single reference to Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy are enough to make one blackball the place until ty get their act together. There were other tourist things I could have done but I was feelingtired and I was getting over it so I headed back to the hostel, grabbed my bad and the car and flat footed it back to the border. Passed my beloved IHOP on the way and had what will be my last pancakes from them for a ongtime and put my last US penny in the gastank so I could exploit the cheap American gas prices (although to listen to them you'd think were selling their organs on ebay to cover the rising costs) and then I skipped over into Canadia. A little bit of an interrogation at the border and I was home free. Took a while to get bac home and when I arrived i'd found that there was one less housematt (i kenew he was going),three new ones, and nobody had cleaned a dish since I left vancouver 31 days ago. Met all the housemates briefly- - went to dinner with the german kid who seems pretty cool but he's said he'll be moving at the end of the month because he can't stand the noise. Still got a lot of crap to sort out now that i'm back at home but all that can wait - i'm going to watch wolf creek first.

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