Monday, 22 May 2006

Missed Opportunity

17 May - Was woken from what seemed to be a very fascinating dream at the time although i've got no idea what it is now by a phone call from Mark. I think that previous sentence needs moer commas. Tentative plans to go to rock climbing country had fallen through but we decided to meet regardless at his new place in Kitsilano - while waiting for his new desk to be delivered we had a little bit of marijuana and reminisced about all the good junk food franchises and all of the bad ones. I had a fair sampling of all that I knew and lots that I didn’t during my recent trip but the one place that I searched for all over the place was the one that had received a good recommendation in Fast Food Nation, the all out attack on the industry, I tried to find out what it was called before I left (obviously not very hard because I could have googled it in a few seconds) and never found it. When I mentioned this to Mark he exploded - In and Out burger man! The best hamburgers in the universe, they're phenomenonal! Apparently they're only in California, Nevada and Arizona and I don't know when i'll be in that part of the world again and i'm devestated. We considered the logistics of flying to LA that afternoon but passed in favour of a local pub for patio pints. Felt really awful about tipping our extremely slow and lethargic waitress but Mark's canadian so didn't have much choice. Probably watched a few more DVDs later on the day - that seems to be how I spend a lot of my time these days ...

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