Monday, 22 May 2006

Punk rock! Puuuuunnnnnkk rock!

20 May - Started the day off with the final episode of Series 1 of Battlestar Galactica - a fine a science fiction series i've ever seen - awful dialogue, pretty lame actingbut a plot that can't be beat and sensational 20th century look and feel which is more than appropriate consideringthe original's drab 70s inspired garb. Went out to get myself a coffee before being summoned by Jason for a little bit of a ride with him and his stepbrother Pete. Rode out to Horseshoe Bay (near the ferry for the island), a place I know mainly for the fact that it's where the Museum of Anthropology isn’t . It's a pretty hilly but very scenic ride alongthe coast but didn’t find it too challenging. However, on the ride back we got to Stanley Park and after a little bit of umming and erring decided to go for a once around Stanley Park which just wasted all of us - I found myself leaningacross the front of the handlebars and trying to catch a nap at one point (not really the best thing to do in motion).
Had barely eaten before the ride and bumped into one of the new Novex guys as I headed back into East Van and we went to 4 Brothers and inhaled a few slices of pizza (food of champions) before I got home to shower for a little night on the town with Danni, Rachel and J, a small troop of Canadians who I met on another night on the town. I wasn’t very sore from the ride but a little bit exhausted but was enlivened by the extremely energetic performance of the (International) Noise Conspiracy, a left wing punk/indie band from Sweden who i'm sure everyone has heard of although they were new for me. Have never seen anyone do so many acrobatic things with a microphone - apparently all of their songs were very political but when you shout them out as loud as he did its kind of hard to mke out the meaning - for all I know they could have been Wagnerian fascist war chants but I was assured they were very left and proper (i prefer manic street preachers, every invective is as clear as a bell). Afterwards went to an overpriced nightclub at the library and y fatigue caught up to me - but a pretty good night nonetheless. Hurrah.

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