Wednesday, 31 May 2006

He walks amongst us ...

Whilst doing a bit of internet trawling the other day I was pleasantly surprised to learn that none other than William Gibson, inventor of the Cyberpunk genre and author of one or two of my favourite books (plus a bunch of stuff that's pretty good), happens to reside in Vancouver, Canadia. This also happens to be the place where I reside. Despite being one of the most one of the most noted and accurate forecasters of the future of the technology, especially the Internet (he invented the term 'cyberspace') he's most famous for writing his early work on a manual typewriter and didn't even have an email address until very recently (and even now, he won't release it). One of his books, 'Virtual Light', whilst not his best or even my favourite, was one of the key inspirations for me becoming what I have now become - a bike messenger. His tale set in an earthquake shattered near-future San Francisco where vagabonds live on the Golden Gate bridge and the hero is a messenger who steals the wrong pair of glasses made me decide many years ago that I wanted to be that messenger and I wanted to steal those glasses and I wanted to drink that thimbleful of hot espresso in between trips ... Well, two out of three ain't bad. I've decided I must now track down this author and get him to sign my manifest. Now, how to find him???

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