Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Lifting of Sanctions

7 May - Decided to temporarily lift the boycott on Fets in order to meet with Jason and Coleen for brunch and was also joined by Crystal. The waitresses seem to be much nicer when i've got company. A pancake bonanza was had by all and Jason shocked the waitress and the chef by eating four of the rather gigantic cakes. The chef even came out to congratulate him for his efforts. I could have eaten four but ... I just didn’t want to. Competitive eating is not something i've ever been that interested in but a pancake challenge may be in order sometime in the next few months - i'm not sure how i'd fare against Jason though, he was telling me that he was bored the other day and gave himself the gallon challenge (drink 1 gallon of milk in less than one hour) and did it but failed to keep it down for the required 1 hour. Later in the afternoon I met Crystal down at Stanley Park for a little bit of a run - the first really good run i've done in ages - I tried to do one in Austin but my bum was just too pinched to stretch out but managed to push through by running down to the park and then me and Crystal went right around. Crystal doesn’t run that much and she's very little with pretty short legs but she managed to keep up with me for the entire way. Just a few short walking breaks were all that we took - Crystal has been a courier for three years and any kind of endurance fitness is going to transfer to other disciplines if required. Hoping to have found a running partner because i've been lacking in that field for quite some time. Faffed around for a while before heading out to see united 93, a pretty harrowing account of 11 September, done as well as it could have been I think - well worth seeing in any regard.

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