Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Josef Fritz - Psycho de Jour?

One of the creepiest stories to set the global media going is a recent story where a deranged Austrian attempted a 'Bad Boy Bubby' revision of his daughter's life - the major news networks love this kind of event, it's a tale of the basest human activity imaginable and it allows them to play up to their readers tabloid urges with the sure and certain knowledge that it's real "news".  It can't be long before the rest of the world makes the tenuous connection to the not so old Australian film and we'll be saying that once again life imitates art (which also imitates life).

A Cavalcade of Stars???

I didn't know anyone actually downloaded Australian music anyway ...

Sunday, 27 April 2008

They Shall Never Grow Old Like Me

It's been far too long ... just when I thought I might not have been as grown up as I thought i was it turns out that I am and new living arrangements are back on the horizon and what a joy that will be - despite the eerie remnants of the cultish sectists who once inhabited the land I'm sure it will pass over quite nicely to its new inhabitants - but until that time I'm just glad I've got the last of the Greater Union Gold Class out of my system and I will vow never to accept the Trojan horse "complimentary tickets" that are ever placed near my greedy palm again.  Was reminded of the sacrifices of the various peoples who have done so much for the country by escorting a certain 9 year old over the Harbour Bridge on what was a decidedly marked experience and managed to recover well enough to mostly enjoy the comedic stylings of Laurence Leung who, while not being as cool as his brother, was at least a relatively entertaining way to spend a Friday night - far more enjoyable than spending the following afternoon getting baked by the prodigal sun who returns (Ill be damned if I'm going to kill my fatted calf for him) and losing money by the fistful at the horse races.  And I thought my brother was a bookie ...

Sunday, 20 April 2008


To The 20th ... Is this the way the dates are noted?  Due to latter frequencies it seems that this must be the new standard - well, the old one has been languishing since the insistence of its inception by a certain gentleman frustrated at the disconnect between finding hotspots and the descriptions of the activities that led up to them ... and if you understood that I'm impressed.  Good movies, bad movies, okay movies - all have taken up my attention and I've even managed to throw in some half decent television as well.  Puck is still in his unfinished state but certainly seems to be riding well enough to give a demonstration to some of the locals even if he didn't propel me to victory (there's plenty of time for that although it might have to be a year before he gets the opportunity in Global Gutz again).  And once again, I found myself on the accommodation hunt - perhaps a little too little time in between hulking my ever expanding collection of possessions between addresses but it might be the last time for a long time so who knows ...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Monday, 14 April 2008

A Bike With Ten Gears?

To The 14th - Despite Puck's lack of finishing and I'm beginning to doubt whether this trusty steel steed will ever reach total completion (I've already angered one of the contributors by betraying his labours to an alternative) - in any event, he's ridable and he's f**king fast.  Got to learn how to use these new fangled bike 'gears' - they can be very useful as are those fancy stopping things ... I seem to recall them being called 'brakes' - they do add a bit of weight but very useful for stopping (although I don't really understand the benefits of that particular type of motion ... why not just keep on going?).  Had the latest in the ongoing series of dress up parties (with less and less notice being given at a time - at least it was themed around something with that something being of a more childlike wonderment nature) - unfortunately could not wear the Mad Hat for the tea party due to sensitivities of the scalp resulting from 5 hours in the chair (it's a good thing I bring my own books because my hair likes to hold onto it's melanin).  Alcohool influenced behaviours continue to push the to and fro but everything works out in the end - confidentialities also continue to continue.  Where's the passion?

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


To the 8th ... if 29 was the age of dressing down maybe 30 is the age of dressing up - taking appropriate advantage of situations and past zombie film making ventures to make a half decent Joker if I don't say so myself - did result in a hangover and overall fatigue the next day but that's what Sundays are for (at least that's what they used to be for) - and despite having several henchmen on the night I didn't get that bitch Batgirl nor pull off any capers beyond drinking myself into merriment.  The end of the DST meant I got to the place of confidentiality ahead of the workaholics (I'm a workaholic, but, like, for booze) and cruised through the day before cruising on home (with a wet bottom) for what was hoped to be a bike finishing session but turned out to be more of a 'let's see what sexy bicycle parts Yogi has acquired' - slightly better position than when we started.  But not by much.  At least I'm a tennis pro now.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Video Killed The Record Company

In a world of legally wrong but ethically ambiguous file sharing the video clip is emerging as a confusing legal mechanism of sharing proprietary content.  Where as the sharing of music is challenged at every level by the record companies whether they be downloaded as a song or even clipped off as a ringtone or stripped down to the merest guitar chords they consist of a song can still be very easily shared in the form of a video clip.  Youtube is full of every song - old and new - all of them accompanied by the video of the band playing or a more professional directed clip - but take away this video and it's no longer a marketing tool but a piece of content that you have to pay for.  A strange situation.

Wait'll they get a load of me ...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

What? No Stairway? Denied!

4 April - After escaping a confidential drinks do a quick, tyre repressurisation session turned into an expensive tyre replacement but such is life.  I'm hoping to have my eardrums grow back in the next few weeks.  Reed and Steve's going away 'community ride' was not one of the more pleasant ones I've done in a while - my city knowledge skills having eroded somewhat although despite coming in about as late as I could due to the rules of this particular ride I was very, very close to coming in quite high in the rankings but for a technicality that I believe should have been addressed far earlier and, once again, I have been denied the jersey (wouldn't have won but could have received a little clobber).  Next time?  Who knows.

Worst. Steak. Ever.

3 April - In celebration of Mr Small But Doughty's 30 years on this Earth (finally this festival is over as well) there was a half-arsed job of making the flat presentable for certain individuals followed by the scenic route to a new local - due to the machinations of those who were trying to thwart my good eatings and possibly pocket the $7 difference in price for themselves I found myself in the tried and true 'get the order wrong and hope to eat large' scam through no fault of my own - did the return of a perfectly normal looking steak which just happened to not be what I ordered and found it later replaced by the driest, overcooked meat, undercooked potatoes, over wilted spinach meal which was a horror to consume (did get my own back by tricksing someone into a mouthful of hot English but it was paltry compensation).  Confidentials continue as they are - Burger Fuel was a far more satisfactory meal on the outset and the bike is slowly coming along.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


To The Second Of The Fourth - Confidentials and confidentials continue to distract me from my primary purpose but must resolve to be more XX in my efforts - the manly pursuits of table building, espresso machine repair and bike assembly have occupied much of my dwindling temporal resources - unfortunately none of the fruits of these labours have ripened but they're on the way ... the table almost looks like a table, the espresso boiler is in more pieces than it's been in since it's inception and Puck is almost but not quite rideable.  What's a man to do?  I should probably clean up.