Monday, 14 April 2008

A Bike With Ten Gears?

To The 14th - Despite Puck's lack of finishing and I'm beginning to doubt whether this trusty steel steed will ever reach total completion (I've already angered one of the contributors by betraying his labours to an alternative) - in any event, he's ridable and he's f**king fast.  Got to learn how to use these new fangled bike 'gears' - they can be very useful as are those fancy stopping things ... I seem to recall them being called 'brakes' - they do add a bit of weight but very useful for stopping (although I don't really understand the benefits of that particular type of motion ... why not just keep on going?).  Had the latest in the ongoing series of dress up parties (with less and less notice being given at a time - at least it was themed around something with that something being of a more childlike wonderment nature) - unfortunately could not wear the Mad Hat for the tea party due to sensitivities of the scalp resulting from 5 hours in the chair (it's a good thing I bring my own books because my hair likes to hold onto it's melanin).  Alcohool influenced behaviours continue to push the to and fro but everything works out in the end - confidentialities also continue to continue.  Where's the passion?

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