Saturday, 5 April 2008

Worst. Steak. Ever.

3 April - In celebration of Mr Small But Doughty's 30 years on this Earth (finally this festival is over as well) there was a half-arsed job of making the flat presentable for certain individuals followed by the scenic route to a new local - due to the machinations of those who were trying to thwart my good eatings and possibly pocket the $7 difference in price for themselves I found myself in the tried and true 'get the order wrong and hope to eat large' scam through no fault of my own - did the return of a perfectly normal looking steak which just happened to not be what I ordered and found it later replaced by the driest, overcooked meat, undercooked potatoes, over wilted spinach meal which was a horror to consume (did get my own back by tricksing someone into a mouthful of hot English but it was paltry compensation).  Confidentials continue as they are - Burger Fuel was a far more satisfactory meal on the outset and the bike is slowly coming along.

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