Sunday, 27 April 2008

They Shall Never Grow Old Like Me

It's been far too long ... just when I thought I might not have been as grown up as I thought i was it turns out that I am and new living arrangements are back on the horizon and what a joy that will be - despite the eerie remnants of the cultish sectists who once inhabited the land I'm sure it will pass over quite nicely to its new inhabitants - but until that time I'm just glad I've got the last of the Greater Union Gold Class out of my system and I will vow never to accept the Trojan horse "complimentary tickets" that are ever placed near my greedy palm again.  Was reminded of the sacrifices of the various peoples who have done so much for the country by escorting a certain 9 year old over the Harbour Bridge on what was a decidedly marked experience and managed to recover well enough to mostly enjoy the comedic stylings of Laurence Leung who, while not being as cool as his brother, was at least a relatively entertaining way to spend a Friday night - far more enjoyable than spending the following afternoon getting baked by the prodigal sun who returns (Ill be damned if I'm going to kill my fatted calf for him) and losing money by the fistful at the horse races.  And I thought my brother was a bookie ...

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