Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Thatta Johnny Depp! He makea me cry!

29 May - Today was grey, quiet (for the most part) and involved too much intake of caffeine. A few highlights included a feat on par with doing the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs (and on this note, why is it in crappy science fiction they mistake distance terms for time - a parsec is not a unit of time and neither, for that matter, is a light year) - was given a southside SHT from Lawson and had to run it over to a bank on Broadway - the trip had an hour on it but the branch closed at four - a Mercurian effort had me picking it up on Georgia, speeding down Howe, taking a very sharp corner on Nelson onto the Cambie Bridge - then riding up what seemed to be a very steep Cambie Street, right onto Broadway and into the branch a minute after they had locked their doors. My charming smile must have touched the manager's heart because she let me push the envelope through the security doors. All in a day's work for an underpaid courier. Kevin is back at work, which i suppose is a good thingalthough it does mean that i won't be able to get his radio. Still a bit underwhelmed by the amount of work i'm getting but the only real competition seems to be Jason (that scoundrel) and wn chattingwith some of the other new guys i seem to be pretty well indeed (at least in terms of numbers). Another great cause for celebration was the discovery of my Smithsonian Space Pen hidden away in the zip pocket of me Chrome Bag - i was most vexed when i decided it had been left behind somewhere in downtown, and had resigned myself to purchasinga replacement, albeit a non-Smithsonian version, but, it has returned to me (again). And this time, my love, I will never let you out of my sight again. After work I wandered up and down Commercial for a bit and later collapsed on a couch and watched a movie (can you guess what it was? Pop quiz, arsehole!!!) ...

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