Monday, 8 May 2006

Four Lefts Make A Circle

4 May - Didn’t waste too much time heading out and out there towards Seattle. Pushed hard through the remains of Montana before I finally took a st stop near th edge of Washington State. This time I called up the hostel beforehand and ensured all my eggs were in the right baskets before I subjected myself to driivng in that city again, As soon as I arrived in town I went straight to the Hilton to exchange Rocicante II for what was supposed be Rocicante III, who had to be Canadian in order for me to return a car to Canada. There weren't any Canadian licensed cars there so I was told to press on with my trusty silver steed, which I was perfectly happy to do.
While I was at the hilton my phone rang and it was Jeanine, my case worker asking me what was going on - I was - I told her I was hoping to get the cast off next week but didn't elaborate on my recent adventures (i was hoping she couldn't tell I was in America because of the background noise - American accents can be so distinctive). Checked into the Green Tortoise agin to find that it hadn't changed - a pretty good crowd of fellow travellers - met a nice young black guy from Ohio who was very well versed in agreeing with everything I had to say about the world (which was rather falttering), a new england girl who was moving over here, a japanese man just starting on the same route as I did although by bus, two drunken englishman, one of whom had just been casted up due to a fractured right scaphoid, and a 21 year old lifetime traveller with more bands around his wrists than there were hairs on his chest.was two Englishman, one of which After doing a fair patrol of the downtown area which included being force fed a dozen different savoury jams and ordering a coffee from starbucks (in pike market, a place that bars all franchises of any kind - the reason why this one is allowed is that it was starbucks no 1 and was there for 20 years before they embarked on their plans of global domination). Headed out for some music and drinks with the australian and the two drunken english. Both of them were pretty course but one was insanely drunk - danced like an alcoholic clown and did his best to make offensive jokes to the locals - one young gay kid took massive offence and completely overreacted in response - me and B (the other aus) were blamed because we were Australian and the englishman was waringa wallabies hersey. Another reason not to like rugby.

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