Monday, 8 May 2006

Back To Grind

6 May - Returned to the car to downtown Vancouver - my last traffic jam for a while I hope. Despite knowing the streets of the core like the back of me 'and it's very different doing it in a car compard to the bicycle - I know where all of the one way streets are but there are heaps of 'No Right Turns' and 'No Left Turns' which i've never really noticed until today. Eventually managed to get Rocicante back home and bid him a fond adieau. Afew other errands in downtown such as picking up a copy of my CT scan from the hospital and purchasing a new pair of bike shoes from Simons. I was quite touched when Simon seemed genuinely pleased to see me and he was very keen to hear about my adventures around America (maybe he was just happy that I was buying something from his hop but who knows). Also picked up my replacement PDA from one of the mail depots - had to pay $30 to Canadian customs to get it off their hands, which will have to be rectified because there's no way i'm paying tax on something i've owned for 5 years
Also reunited with now ex-housemate Mark and headed downtown to see Mission Impossible 3 - the most irrelevant and forgettable action movie ever - an absolute waste of time and money in every possible way - it was cliched, overly complex, full of plot holes and just not very exciting. If anyone ever decies to see this film ensure you keep the receipt and present it to St Peter at the pearly gates when you die so you can get 2 hours of your life refunded. Did see the extended preview for Superman Returns though which would have to be the most exciting preview i've seen for a long time - unfortunately the quality of a movie is usually inversely proportional to how good the preview is but lets hope. After that went to dinner and a rockabilly concert with Crystal, one of the ex-Novex messengers who might be coming back, and some of her companions but the band never showed up so drank American beer instead.

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