Thursday, 5 October 2006

Return of the Little Man

1 October - Bedroom gets a lot of sun in the morning which should mean getting up is easier - as it was, quarter to ten, not bad for a sunday. Wandered around Redfern looking for a free wifi signal -the past two places i've lived in (Glebe and East Vancouver) have both had weak but serviceable signals, now i'm going to have to wander out into the big wide world to find one. Am sure there are plenty in the neighbourhood - failing that, the city during the week. Had a hefty serving of banana pancakes - imitation strop and a rather gluey consistency marred the excellent sized serving (if its not a good pancake its not good value) but the waitress was really nice. Afterwards headed over to the north side for luncheon with mum and dad, once again have had a better meal but the company was nice. Dad's return from russia brought an unexpected blast from the past - a little ceramic smoking man - the exact same model as one I had when I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight. Used to have minutes of entertainment when the little bloke blew smoke rings - at least until the cigarettes ran out which was only a few weeks after I had it so I look forward to minutes more entertainment from the little man. Wasnt terribly productive but managed to plow my way through a few DVDs but fell asleep on the last one. Alsomade th edire mistake of wanting a pizza in the evening and had to fight my way through the mean streets of redfern to get it - did find a good video store next to the convenience shop with a smashed window and police tape surrounding it. Such is redfern.

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