Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Core Rat

6 October - Work was pretty good today - one of the guys who does a regular hourly run for the Papershredders was away today so I was given his turf. Apart from various scattered trips and a reasonably run out to Pyrmont I was stuck in the core all day today and in terms of actual packages moved it was easily my best but maybe not in terms of picks and drops as they were all picked up in bunches and scattered around town. Was movie's last day for a little while as he prepares to go for an extended holiday and with the veteran richie in Mauritius getting married it could bode well for me. Worked all the way until 630 with a potentially horrible last drop, got to the place building closed, phone number on package invalid, guy from sender's office gone home despite telling me to bring it back if it couldn’t be delivered, our office closed down for the night - ended up getting john the cleaner to accept it for me - could have easily prevented the problem by calling up the place immediately and finding out whether they were home but wasn’t really thinking by that stage of the day. Visitors in the evening to welcome us to the new abode and pizza and wine were consumed to great extent and five movies of the past five years that glorify smoking were named - brokeback mountain, lord of the rings and sin city are the only ones recollected but there were others and it proved the point that smokingis still cool (although evil as well).

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