Wednesday, 11 October 2006

... and I didn't pay for it.

1p October - a much more enjoyable day at work - back doingreal messenger work - point to point and not just radial drops - that's what it's reallyall about. Probably just got in a better mood when I found a wifi spot and actually had something to read in the downtime. Not that there was a hell of a lot of it - a big gap in the afternoon on the north side and half an hour from my last drop and my release time - although probablyto blame for that because I told the operator that I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Won’t make that mistake again. Watched a fillum in the evening - devil wears prada - curiously enjoyable but eminently forgettable ... Took a while to work out if the australian guy with the bad american accent was a good guy or a bad guy (he was a bad guy).

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