Friday, 27 October 2006

Coffee can't be nice if you don’t drink it

26 October - Way too early start by detouring out via Pyrmont to see Robespiere. Went out for a coffee - explained we didn’t have much time but mr spiere was insistent on going to the 'good' coffee shop some yards extant and was rushed away by the lost in space robot on an XXX. Afew significant bursts through the day punctuated by some welcomed spats of just sitting down and reading the paper (obviously not a real one). Was very nicely sent home with a last job out to Surry Hills - the drop only a few minutes away from Redfern. First time i've had a job that's actually finished me off so close to home - it was a very nice feeling. more often than not i'll finish in town but it's been a few times where its been in the depths of the mysterious Woolloomoolloo, uncharted territory according to the Pocket UBD or over in North Sydney, with the increasingly unjoyous ride over the Harbour Bridge (it's not constructed for really rigid street bikes). Steeled myself for a visit over to the North Side where I tried to pit myself against dad's mind control techniques with the purpose of getting everybody to order his favourite dishes, and tried to comprehend some of his new toys. Desperate for a sugar hit but falling victim to suburbia's early closing policies, I got the video store guy to open up to sell me one of his overpriced beverages but I only had a few small coins (and larger denominations which he couldn't give me change for) so after much umming and ahhing he consented to let me get it back to him next time which means I may boycott gordon until he leaves and he'll alwas curse the day when the courier swindled him out of $1.40s worth of coke. I wonder how much longer I will be a courier for?

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