Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Filled In

17 Octobe - Finally got to see a dentist after last week's fiasco - had organised it the night befoe when the sulry dispatcher was on so had to call in early to let them know. The way I saw it there was no way they could complain and in the end it makes no difference whether one gives an hour's notice or three weeks notice - the team will be one bike down and if there's a shortage of riders the rest just get more work. As it happens, there is a shortage of riders and for a change it seems busy enough - i'm happy to cover the occasional ridiculous cross town journey if the rest of the time i'm occupied. Another few filming related meetings in eveningwith seemed to be pretty productive - I think we're all on message for the most part. Went to the movies later on to see the departed only to find that it was sold out. Didn’t like the way that the ticket girl spoke to me eithe. Little bitch. Am I allowed to say that?

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