Monday, 30 October 2006

Curtain Fading Season

29 October - Daylight savings did theoretically allow me to sleep in a little later than I hoped but human traffic is much better at preventing oversleep than the more traditional kind. Great plans to perform herculean feats of organisation and labours were more sisaphian (is that right?) in the end - mostly stemming from issues directly and indirectly related to Pete's 40 hour antifamine. Couldn’t exactly work out what it was that needed to be done that day I ended up taking several large rides to one point in town and back home before realising that another journey was necessary. Ate very well and very badly throughout the day - clinched by a brilliant dinner @ an upmarket Indian place in Darling Harbour to which I arrived late, this due to the fact that I have many electronic devices with clocks in them and some automatically update to DST and some need to be manually adjusted and I ended up relying on one which I presumed was correct but which obviously wasn’t - so provind the proverb that 'a man with one sundial knows the time as does a man with two whilst a man with one clock knows the time but a man with two does not - and still the luddites are losing - I can only take solace in the fact that I am absolutely certain that I was not the only person to make a similar mistake today.

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