Thursday, 5 October 2006

Goodbye Glebe, Hello Redfern

30 September - moving day finally arrived and it was up and atom and getting down to Balmain Rentals to get the truck. Most of the delicates had either been already moved or boxed and the main event was the navigation of the extremely long and tight tunnel that joins my flat from the outsideworld. The team was Ade, James, Robbie, Angel, Rowan, Dave and myself - al participating to very varying degrees. A large number of participants but really there were two separate teams - the out of the house and the into the house - for the former ade scored the 'organisingthe truck' gig and the rest of us squeezed my unnecessarily oversized furniture througthe tiny staircase - offloading meant climbing four flights of stairs (five if the next flight to my bedroom) - rowan very nicely rolled the spliff, unfortunattly lighting it halfway through the move - had to counter the lethargisising THC with a responsibility pep talk - after returning the truck and riding back home started the arduous task of unpacking - made a somewhat decent dent in it but a long longway to go - then conned mater into joining me for a bonding session that included lunch, a beer and a cleaning session of 168 bridge rd and picking up the car instead of me having to drop it off. Sweeet. More disassembly and organismisation at 13 Gibbons then rode back to the AB in Glebe to join Mr Chope's fitba tipping competition for drinks and football watching - whilst there thought I would try the potentially stupendous omelette fresh and whilst it was verra gud it didn’t live up to my stratospheric expectations - fillings were excellent but the eggs a little overdone - i've always been wary about eggs cooked by anyone ... Well, anyone except for me - heartily recommend that anyone there try the omelette but don't get upset if the eggs are too fluffy and tasteless. There was a soccer game on the teev and I think a few people seemed very pleased by the result but being of a steely heart and having no vested interest in the game I can’t really recall much emotion either way. Only real regret was that I should have moved on the sunday morning which would have meant I only had a wander up the road to get to home ...

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