Monday, 16 October 2006

Duty Is Done, Curse Is Broken

14 October - ms mills finally fulfilled her eons old promise in making me blueberry pancakes - a verydifferent style with oats and yogurt and honey but delicious nonetheless. Now rleased from her bond kate should be able to work on other projects like making me ... raspberry pancakes. Did some more film experimentation - mounted camera on chevtte's handlebars which seemed to work reasonably well although the picture was extremely shaky and i'm not sure how well balanced the whol device is - especailly consideringthe roughness that next week's riders will be subjecting their steeds too. Still, today's experiemnts should prove invaluable in final design. As it was housewarming night I thought it would be prudcent to let the other two absorb the stress of the planning and gave myself up as errand boy, itinerant labourer and general dogsbody - much easier that way. It'll all work out in the end and its much better to only have two people stressing than three. level heads usually prevail. Party seemed to go reasonably succesfully - only two glasses broken (both mine) and people scattered throughout evening so not too much overcrowding in the flat. Nobody seemed to embarrass themselves too much although a couple seemed to be struggling to stay upright by the end of the night (and i'm pretty certain that I was one of those).

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