Sunday, 29 October 2006

Home stretch

27 October - Was up ridiculously early in order to ride out to Banksmeadow for a little meeting with a certain individual in the package delivery business, which ended up taking a faction of the tune it took me to get down there. Rather strange man but most of the people in this business ar a little peculiar so it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise. Was back in Surry Hills in time to sync and start the regulars. Felt really good for most of the day but started to feel the strain by the end my stretching has been very lapse of late. Super busy couple of hours in the afternoon with some very smoove routing - little mistake when I found an envelope in my bag that I was certain i'd delivered on the other side of town - small moment panic when I thought I must have dropped off the wrong thing until I realised it was one of a pair and i'd only delivered one of them - flew from Wynyard to Haymarket and was back finishing the cluster of drops without missing a beat - little white lie of need for some mechanical adjustments meant noone was any the wiser. did Saw one of the young Bonds couriers today after he'd crashed into a driver courier - the driver looked in very bad condition, on the ground and fitting and the courier looked very shaken up. Always disconcerting when this kind of thing happens.
After work went to a bike film festival at Sydney uni - missed the beginning of one incredible messenger film, Pedal - amazing riding footage and interviews with some interesting and not so interesting people from the New York messenger scene - have to say I thought the continual espousing of how New York is the hardest place to work and anyone who can do New York can do anywhere - weatherwise it's hardly the most brutal and the terrain is pretty easy as far as most cities go, good wide roads and simple navigation, but you try telling them that. Rest of the movies were shorts mainlyfrom North America - some good, some not so good, a couple pretty awful. Did make me feel a bit apprehensive about the quality of some of the messenger specific films out there but some great techniques and fine ideas that can be lifted and adapted for my own nefarious purposes.

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