Sunday, 29 October 2006

Left Behind

28 November - Managed to get some pancakes before going to see an early session of 'Children of Men' - very good dystopian future pic (four words - 'the future is grim') with some of the most brilliant action sequences I can remember seeing in years - slightly ambiguous plot which may have been intentional or perhaps it was because we missed the first few minutes. Am hoping and presuming the latter but it can always be rectifiied by sneaking into another session later on. Showed nathan the wonders of Glebe (the markets, colourful local characters (jodi and kudio, some of the more interesting beggers and the always incredibly helpful ICC staff) and I'm of the opinion that the village made a good impression - may not be as big or bustly as the East Village but you can better coffee at my one although maybe their bagels are better. For some reason found myself watchinga few terrible movies in the early evening before the household went to a late party in the local neighbourhood (but not before a mini marathon out to the depths of Alexandria looking for the pre-party) - not that there was any chance of missing it considering that it was the party boy was celebrating his 40th with a 40 hour binge - not sure if I actually worked out whose party it was but it was certainly at a very nice space - an art gallery on regent street with a human fishbowl and other exhibitions which everyone professed to get. All a bit of a blur but that's usually the sign of a pretty good time, which i'm sure was had by me and all. Ah redfern, what more is hidden in your depths?

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