Thursday, 5 October 2006

Female Pattern Baldness

3 October - Yesterday's race was the mouse that sank the boat in terms of the my rear tyre's tread - I noticed it was as bald as lex luthor by morning - down to the nylon strings in quite a few places. Found out the hard way that brakeless riding can be expensive. Not wanting to push the envelope I relied a bit more on the front brake than usual and unfortunately had to relax the economic sanctions against Cheekey Monkey as they were the only ones who had the tyre that I wanted. Owner was reasonably helpful but I i'm still wary. Workwise pretty uneventful - had a nice chat with Jerome, the french crisis guy who's flying back to Paris tomorrow, after work - he doesn’t seem to happy with leaving. My quest for a decent wifi connection has gone unanswered - the longest i've gone without a working one for an age - blog posts are backing up, even when connecting via cable the email won’t pop through which is a little frustrating. The other downside of this is that i've got nothing to read while i'm workingunless I want to trawl through last week's paper. Nice visit over gordon way but on the trip home I found myself coming against trackwork and had to do a train-bus-train interconnection which made journey rather arduous ...

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