Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Struggling Soldiers

22 October - By the time I woke my cold was out in full force and I was gluggy and feeling very uncomfortable. Headed out to see if I could salvage some pride in some of the smaller events but was denied again - clipped out in the srints and by the time I got myself movingagain there was no chance of catching up and there was only one trial per person so that one was over. The new rear tyre and the clips I was usingwere also not ideal for the skids amd o bowed out of that one too. Incredible to see how far some of the other guys could go - there was no chance of winningthat one but it would have been nice to at least make a favourable impression with the international community with my more than adequate skills. Scooter still seems to be an arsehole - I don’t understand what goes through that guy's head. Don’t think I reallywant to either. Had a nice barbecue followed by a few more evens - trackstand, bunny hops and backwards circles - all reasonably impressive but I was dying by this stage. Evventuallybegged myself away but knew I had to return to the evening for the awards ceremony -killed a few hours because had been told it would start at 8. I knew it would take a lot longer than that so we got there by 9 but in the evnd it started at 11 and all of us - me, Jodi and PJ - were just glad to have this thingover. The whole event was reallywell organised but my showing coupled with illness just seemed to make a mess of me over it. Can hardly complain - a bad showing is nothingcompard to missing it because of two broken legs like Smokin' Joe had to endure. But, all in all, very disappointed by the event and i'm not afraid to admit that. One nice point was that shifty gave me anew kryponite lock to replace the one that had gone missing on saturday at the main event (that will show me to climb through the bushes lookingfor interestingangles to film at).

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