Friday, 20 October 2006

I'm still standing

19 October - at this point in the evening the whole day seems like a bit of a blur. Weather seemed nice enough, was busy enough - had a horrible time thoughout the day trying to rectify one of yesterday's mistakes caused by incorrect instructions from the client - when I redid the same run today the receptionist gave me overly explicit instructions and explained them like I was a two year old - all that information was great and it would have been especially useful ... yesterday. A bit of a hot run in the afternoon improved my mood a little, seemed to impress one of the old time couriers with a bout of sketchy agility in dodging a couple of trucks to illegally cross the road (it seemed pretty safe to me at the time) and before I knew it another day was survived. Another accident downtown - pedestrian waitingat the lights near George and King St right at the edge of the footpath decided to check his shoelaces at the exact moment a bus drove past. One ambulance for him and one for the bus driver who apparently went into shock. Interesting evening - went to the Wayside Chapel fundraising fashion show at arq, an event put together by young pers angel - moments of hilarity but marred by the fact that there was no food, no (free) drink and most importantly, no seats (at least where one could watch the show from). I can ride 9 hours a day, run for hours, walk all day, and sitting and lying can go on forever but standing is not one of my talents. Just can't stand it. Worst part of the evening was that it was cultural Sydney event with lots of lots of attractive and presumably interesting people, and I was too physically exhausted to do anything other than concentrate on how uncomfortable it was to have to stand up for three hours. I'd never make a Royal Guard - I don’t know how the hell those guys do it, especially with those big hats to off balance you. Perfect opportunity to score thwarted by the strain of physical labour.

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