Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Round 2

16 October - Very grey morning coupled with a bit of spittingrain induced me to overdress with the raingear but the non breathing fabric just made me overheat so the jacket became useful as paddingfor the bottom of the bag, ie not very useful. Very busy day, down to five guys so was warned that things coud get particularly crazy which didn’t seem to happen, lots of overloading and very little downtime - got to see the cousin and the friend when dropping off pyrmont way - had a big ass sammich (they were goingto give me two for the price of one because they only had slightly smaller slices of bread but knowingi didn’t have time I settled for a slightlycheaper but still big ass rb one) - inhaled it like a japanese hot dog eating champion - did some wheeling and dealing, met an american-hungarian here for the worlds, got depressed at hearingthe number of trips one of our guys did on friday (152 - am certain there were some very high volume picks and drops and he would have been routed much better than I ever get routed but still, 152, that's an incredible number by any definition), had another house meeting catered by Dave's from scratch thai green curry which means the standard is going to be uncomfortably high when it's my turn next week. Some bad news the other day was that Smokin' Joe, one of the Bonds couriers broke his leg at Market and George on Friday night - it's a scary world out there.

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