Thursday, 26 October 2006

No Water For This Man!

25 october - pseudoephadine and multivitamins seemed to hold off the worst symptons today and I didn't have tou much trouble starting.  A good day but simultaneously wet and hot, combined with being forced to ride hard resulted in feeling very ... sticky.  No delivering to pseudo celebrities but did have a nasty encounter with someone who must have thought he was one - went to pick up near the end of the day, buggered and thirsty and trying desperately to swallow the last mouthful of my luncheon which I'd been unable to eat througout the day - the customer glared at me and demanded to know if I was going directly to his destination - I could have assured him I was but he seemed unpleasant and he hadn't even paid for the service to be direct so I told him the truth, mostly directly.  He didn't seem too happy but he certainlyhad the last laugh.  When I asked if I could fill my water bottle from his Spring Water cooler he told me there was a tap around the corner.  What kind of man would deny cold, nice tasting water to a thirsty courier?  That kind of man.  Had a brief pivo wih shifty at the Forbes - somewhere i've managed to avoid fo the past few years and it still seems as seedy as ever and it's not even that cheap.  I guess its appeal is in the fact that they DO let couriers in.

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