Thursday, 19 October 2006

Training Day Again

18 October - Today I took on my first trainee in Sydney - young Pete from Budapest (actually from Atlanta, Georgia but insistent on declaring his European identity first) - rode around without too much incident, think he'll probably be joining us which would mean that the nationalities represented by Crisis's limited crew are Irish, Scottish, Danish, Japanese, New Zealander, American, Hungarian and of course Australian and Slovakian. Drank vast quantities of water, when available, despite it not seeming too hot and also scored a free muffin that would have been thrown out at Palms (i'll take what I get when I can get it). Also my billet arrived in the morning and I eventually hooked up with him in the afternoon - a fine young gentleman from Austin, Texas (more recently of New York) who's got some interesting things to offer. Seems to have brought a bit of an array of filming equipment and is quite happy to share which should bode very well for the race on saturdee.

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