Tuesday, 10 October 2006

I really, really hope I never look like that ...

8 October - sometime in the morning someone started cleaning which kind of guilt tripped the others into starting and before I knew it there was something like a cleaning and organising bee being help. Heaven forbid, I hope that doesn’t happen anytime again soon. Local coffee shop doesn’t have great coffee but a fine atmosphere and whilst i'm not too happy with the local IGA in terms of price and availability of the things that make my tummy happy it serves its basic purpose and there are others within riding distance anyway (as long as I only want to buy a chrome bag's full). Took the centurion out to Canadia Bay to test out the riding on the fine spring day and also to have the opportunity to wear my one and only matching cycling outfit. am sure I looked very fetching in black and white spandex but it's all about function. Wind was so strong down at the bay level that I found myself riding at a 60 degree angle into the wind just to stay upright. Afterwards slogged up petersham way to meet up with my creative muse, p.S. Sassafras who despite not being a messenger could well be the face of the CMWC. But might not.

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