Thursday, 5 October 2006

Pursuing Beauty

4 September - Somehow managed to wake up despite not having an alarm clock and was moving pretty quickly - day tapered off naturally. More technical woes with my chain snapping on George St and had to run the bike over to CBD (i'm committed to my suspicion that they are sabotaging bikes around the area knowingthat there's nobody else for the hapless cyclists to go to - except clarence st but nobody likes them). Got it replaced but they only had a black chain so chevette's image has been havinga slow forced makeover (black wheel, black tyre and now black chain -what does it mean? Is she a bad girl?). In the afternoon did an underground transaction to avoid the spy satellites - you can never be too careful in this city. Second time in as many weeks there's been a major crash just outside the building i've been in, last week there was the smashup at Bridge and Glebe Point whilst at the AB and today a car and van smashed into the side of our building - apparently pretty serious. Maybe the mythical supreme being is trying to tell me something. I paid it little heed and took the centurion (at present, unnamed) for his first ride out to the art galery, didn’t bother with the gear but the freewheel and reliance on the slightly aged brakes was a little disconcerting. Saw a chat by the editor of vogue living on the pursuit of beauty but wasn’t terribly impressed by his rambling presentation. He had some powerpoint troubles and seemed a little fazed when question time came - stroppily answering a wanky uni student question on the beauty in human suffering (although truth be told, the only stupid question is the one that hasn’t been asked - sage, sax, sage) with a 'i deal with objects'. Not very appropriate when you've just used a picture of the WTC coming down as an example of 'the greatest artwork the world has ever seen' (not his words but he used them). Had some beer and average meal at the asian food court posing as a food fair p not convinced.

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